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The images on Reference Photo are a free resource of "reference" material useful for artists, web designers, etc. You will find many images that have promise as complete compositions, while most will be useful for various "details" of your works.


If you have images you think other artists would find useful, why not consider adding them to Reference Photo? There's no monetary gain - just helping other artists like yourself.


The images on Reference Photo are all approximately 900px wide, at a resolution of 72 pixels/in.  Images might have been taken with various types of digital cameras or scanned from photos, so you will notice varying levels of quality.  However, many of the images have high-resolution versions, so if you have a particular need, please ask.


Most photos on Reference Photo have been taken by our photographers or contributed by others wishing to freely share their works.  There are a few images believed to be in the public domain.  If you discover an image you believe to be yours, please notify us


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